Economics @ Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths has a vibrant community of economists who have an interest in economic theory and application from a pluralist and interdisciplinary perspective. The specific research interests of the economists who are members of the Institute of Management Studies (IMS), can be found here. The institute also runs the Goldsmiths-IMS Economics Seminar Series which focusses on the context of economic theories and the interface of economics with the other social sciences. Talks are delivered by scholars who bring together a wide array of expertise on the economy, from a variety of viewpoints, such as historical, political, social and psychological, among others. Upcoming seminars are open to everyone and can be found here

The IMS has a strong commitment to teaching pluralist economics that also explores interdisciplinary links between economics and the other social sciences. The BA in Economics not only has compulsory modules in Economic History and the History of Economic Ideas, but also a module on the Perspectives from the Social Sciences, where students explore the relations between economics and the other social sciences explicitly.

Furthermore, the BA introduces a system of streams, or minor specialisations that allows students to explore in depth a key topic of the modern economy.

The minor specialisations are:
        i)      Communication and Technology
       ii)       Marketsand Organisations
      iii)      Human Behaviour and Choice
      iv)       TheCreative Impulse
       v)      Concepts, Ideas and Perspectives

The streams allow students to take optional modules from a wide variety of departments across Goldsmiths, and acquire multiple perspectives in a key area of contemporary society and economy.

The BSc in Economics with Econometrics fosters more detailed knowledge of the statistical and technical tools used by economists today, but also introduces students to the methodological preconditions and discusses the appropriate context for using these tools.

The BA in Economics with Marketing combines the pluralistic and interdisciplinary understanding of economics with insights from marketing reflection and practice. It thus provides a mutually reinforcing combination of sophisticated understanding of markets and ability to operate within them.

All three degrees aim to help students reflect on established beliefs within the discipline, and work towards a complex and nuanced understanding of social reality.

Dr. Ivano Cardinale

Ivano Cardinale  is a Lecturer in Economics at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is developing an approach to political economy that draws on structural economic analysis and social theory. He is also interested in the comparative analysis of economic theories. He is one of the interviewers for this project. He interviewed Professor Charles Goodhart in Series I and Dr. Ha-Joon Chang and Professor Tony Lawson in Series II.

Dr. Constantinos Repapis

Constantinos Repapis is a Lecturer in Economics at Goldsmiths, University of London. His research is on history of economic thought and economic methodology. He is the convenor of the BA Economics programme. He is one of the interviewers of this project. He interviewed Professor Sheila Dow and Professor Geoff Harcourt in Series I and Professor Julie Nelson in Series II.

Dr. Ricardo Leizaola

Ricardo Leizaola is a Lecturer in Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist specializing in visual anthropology and ethnobotany. His research interests include urban ethnobotany, ethnographic film, visual ethnography and information visualization. He is involved in the practical training in visual methods of research students, research staff and in the production of their audiovisual products. He was responsible for the camera work and video production of all six interviews.

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